The Murder of America

The world reels with the turmoil of war, geological disaster, and economic collapse, while Americans continue to submerge themselves in illusions of safety and immunity. While rights are sold for security, the federal government, swollen with power, begins a systematic takeover of liberty in order to bring about a New World Order.

Americans, quarantined to militarized districts, become a population ripe for tyrannical control. Fear mongering, terrorism, police state, martial law, war, arrest, internment, hunger, oppression, violence, resistance - these are the terms by which Americans define their existence. Neighbor is turned against neighbor as the value of the dollar plunges to zero, food supplies are depleted, and everyone becomes a terror suspect....

These words describe the plot and ideas for a movie formerly in production called "Gray State" cowritten and produced by David Crowley, an Army Veteran and filmmaker and writer. The film "Gray State" was funded using crowd funding and over $60,000 was raised to produce a movie trailer and to fund ongoing production of the movie. See the Trailer here Gray State The Movie

Crowley and his wife and five year old daughter were found dead Saturday in what is being called a murder, suicide. Apparently, the family had been dead and lying on the living room floor since before Christmas, more than a month ago, and were discovered when a neighbor took notice of packages piling up in front of the house. The neighbor also mentioned he thought he had heard something like gun shots late one night before Christmas, more info here "Gray State" Film Family Killed, Labeled "Murder Suicide"

Already details of this event question the "for the public" narrative now in main stream news describing Crowley as a gun enthusiast and showing pictures of Crowley in movie costumes including black sniper gear with face mask.

Why will Americans accept a narrative, scripted by government "authorities", as truth, simply because of a costumed authority figure's pronouncement, even when the storys are ridiculously transparent lies?

It has been obvious to me, and others, the entire History of the USA, after the revolutionary war, has been a series of falsely portrayed events carefully packaged in a camoflage of poorly written lies and implausible explanations delivered and accepted by the public.

Outrageous explanations for events have covered up mega-crimes resulting in the deaths of millions of people, with no perpetrator of the lies, deceit, and the deeds done, being punished.

David Crowley was interviewed some time ago by investigator Douglass Haggmann and during the interview 'He ominously confided that he had no intentions of committing suicide or otherwise becoming a statistic as he had so much to live for. “I’m not prone to suicide,” he told me.'..I'm not Prone to Suicide"

Movies are powerful message conveyors, look at what Hollywood has done to America using their culture creating, predictive programming. Movies are more than words and pictures, they contain emotion creating visuals with audio. "Gray State: may have been such a movie, something about to change American thinking, perhaps bringing to consciousness the full picture of the fall of America to tyranny.

Remember, it was not so long ago Rolling Stone Magazine journalist Michael Hastings was murdered; his Mercedes sports car engine, we are told, exploded, launching the engine into the air and traveling 150 feet down the road. This story is not only implosible but impossible. Using only gasoline as the propellant, with only minute quantities of gasoline in the engine compartment, this story goes in the history books as another falsely portrayed event. More info here : This Journalist Died..

Andrew Breitbart was a victim of sudden death two weeks after he publicly made the announcement regarding the reelection campaign of Obama: '“I have videos, this election we’re going to vet him,” Breitbart told an audience of attendees last month. “We are going to vet him from his college days to show you why racial division and class warfare are central to what hope and change was sold in 2008.”'The Internet Blames Obama..

Breitbard was declared dead of natural causes, dying from these causes as he walked alone at night from his favorite restaurant to his home.

Every day Americans are asked to keep believing egegious lies like the official narrative offered in the Boston Bombing, or the fairy tail presented as real called the Sandy Hook School Shootings; a Hollywood B movie script and production.

More importantly America's decline from greatness, a "Shinning City on a Hill" into a third world, Lawless, police state has been punctuated and facilitated by important acts of "terror" against America, then sold as a package of lies, failing to identify what really happened and who were the actual perpetrators.

Events like 9-11 are sold with a fantastic lie, so egregious it defies description. Teaming with nonsense like, jet airliners hitting the World Trade Centers causing gigantic structures (650 million tons of steel and concrete) to fall to the ground in a pile of dust. "Where Did the Towers Go?" This story is mega lie about airplanes carrying jet fuel (kerosene) starting a fire which melts the buildings: impossible -- It is the biggest laugh of an explanation ever told in the written history.

We are also told building WTC-7 fell to the ground at free fall because it suffered fire damage: impossible; this was clearly and obviously a controlled demolition. We are told the military and our air defense systems could not muster a single fighter in defense of the pentagon, and when fighters were mustered, they were sent 150 miles out into the Atlantic Ocean.

And the story of an airliner hitting the Pentagon is so plainly fabricated even CNN, showing up early at the "crash" site, noted plainly to the audience "There is no evidence of an airplane hitting the Pentagon"

After the shock of 9-11, Americans bought the story saying Saudia Arabian's, trained to fly Cessna 172's, flew Boeing Passenger jets at 400 plus miles per hour into these buildings AND therefore America should attack Afghanistan and later Iraq - not Saudia Arabia ?

The Story told of the Kennedy Assasination is impossible, and Americans seem to buy it when Lee Oswald was shot and killed inside a building with dozens of police officers by his side. We are told Lee's killer, Jack Ruby, just happened to die of cancer while he awaited trial in prison.

Americans bought the story of Robert Kennedy's assassination and the innocent patsy, Sirhan Sirhan still sits in prison today. ...42 years later..

Americans did not believe Martin Luther King was murdered by his government, but the facts are out and, in-fact, the government murdered Martin Luther King Did You Know the Government Killed Martin Luther King, Jr.?

Lies where the hallmark of the 20th century as a Zionist banking cartel, run off by President Andrew Jackson, only to emerge again in 1913 with the financial strangulation and slavery act of America, known as the "Federal" Reserve Act. The enslavement was completed with dubious 16th Amendment and the never ratified and completely unconstitutional 17th Amendment.

These events are large and egregious but they are obvious and with just a simple demand from significant numbers of the American people requiring large public crimes, committed against America, be investigated by private and non-government controlled investigation, the real criminals would be indentified.

Finally, the two largest lies told in the past 120 years involve the events of World War 1 and World War 2. Both of these wars were instigated and fought to continue, without resistance, an agenda to change, dramatically, the landscape of human civilation on Earth.

There is much to be said about the incredible lies of WW1 and WW2, and the agenda to bring the world's nation states to an end, while also destroying the world's human cultures and finally the end of human races altogether.

The so-called New World Order will also destroy all world religions, while creating a new religion of tyranny, a single race of mediocrity and a colorless, gray culture under the flag of a single world government.

It is these lies I hope to explain in greater detail in an article soon to be released on The Government Rag

Update: Raw footage of the uncut and incomplete "Gray State" movie, watch before it is removed again.

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